Don’t Sit On The Rooster

If you make typos on Twitter, this is what happens.

Be careful out there.
Don't sit on the rooster!

This picture may or may not be Photoshopped.

…and that’s how I ended up in the Knowledge Graph for “Rooster” searches

And that's how I ended up in the Knowledge Graph for 'rooster' searches.
And that’s how I ended up in the Knowledge Graph for ‘rooster’ searches.

Article Semantic Markup Becomes Meaningful Today!

excitedSo, today Google announced that article markup from is actually going to be used for something! I’m super stoked, but I only have 10 minutes to drop my thoughts on it (I set a timer), so let’s get right into it!

Google made an announcement today that they’d like to enable users to find in-depth articles on broad topics via Google search results. That’s an admirable and awesome goal; not just letting people search by topic, but by a highly-refined type of content about that topic (not just limited to websites, news, blogs, images, videos, etc). In the official post, Google said that in order to make that feature of search a reality, they’ll be leaning on some specific factors, notably… [Read more…]

Rand Fiskin Seeing Star Trek Was a Great Eyeopener

I always look forward to reading new posts on Rand Fishkin’s personal blog. I was stoked when a new one hit my inbox a day or so ago. I finally got around to reading Generosity & Entitlement and I read something that resonated with me so deeply, I had to share it.

I felt so bad about taking a few hours away from my computer that I didn’t even check-in on FourSquare. I didn’t want other Mozzers seeing my time-off.

That sucked, and it was totally wrong. As Jerry, my CEO coach, would say, “if you don’t show other people that you take breaks, they’ll never feel like they can take a break, and you’re not being truly empathetic.”

Rand's Post
Rand’s Post

Normally, I’d share this stuff on Twitter, but it’s well over 140 characters (obviously) and I felt that shortening it in any way would hurt its message. So, here I am putting up a quick blog post when I have a thousand other things I could be doing (not to mention at least five other blog posts I could be working on instead). [Read more…]

Jay Yoo Rocks the SwellPath Indo Board – Also, Video SEO

So, I found out today that Wista allows you to have a free account (forever!) from which you can host up to three videos. You even get all the great Video SEO features. So, this is me testing how it works out on my site. I’ve always wanted to do more testing with video SEO. The clients who I’ve implemented it for have seem incredible results, but I want some more hands on experience.

For my first test, I present to you my colleague, Jay, busting out a sweet 180 turn on the office indo board. [Read more…]

Back on #MaxImpact, “Social Sharing Enhancements”

Max Impact Social Sharing EnhancementsWow! I was stoked today to have another opportunity to join Max Minzer for a #MaxImpact hangout on Social Sharing Enhancements! Max’s series has been super successful and I’m honored to be asked back for the third time. Every week, Max has one special guest and they discuss anything and everything on the web, from SEO and PPC, to social media and reputation management. [Read more…]

Testing Lightbox Content Indexation

For anyone who’s subscribed to my blog feed, I’m sorry. This is totally just at test I threw together. Feel free to ignore this nonsense. Hugs.


Inline HTML

And then there’s content like this, which may have some issues getting indexed.

Lightbox Content That’s SEO-Friendly

This is a test to see if this HTML text content in embedded in the page will be indexed in search. I’m guessing it will, because it’s in the code of the page, but will Google and Bing be okay with the fact that I’m using display none to hide this? I mean, I’m just temporarily hiding this content from users so that they can reveal it as a lightbox. It’s not deceptive. We’ll see if this lightbox content actually gets indexed.

Current & Past Contributor To Links in Google+ Profiles

whereWhere Did That Come From?

Whoa! This is new. Well, it’s new to me. While adding a new SwellPath hire to my Google+ circles (yeah, we’re going to have a new team member by the end of the month), I noticed that she had a curious notation next to her one “Contributor To” link.


Current? What does that mean? It was the website of her current employer, so I thought, “Oh, that’s just cause that’s where she’s currently employed”. Then I thought, “wait a minute! This isn’t LinkedIn and those are contributor to links!”

So, I jetted over to my own profile and frantically clicked the Edit option under my own contributor to section and, lo and behold, there it was. [Read more…]

What I Learned From My First Attempt at Content Marketing

I was slightly ashamed of this for the first few years of my career in SEO, but in 2012, I finally stared coming to terms with it. I feel fine about admitting it publicly now.

I’m not great at content marketing and link building.

content marketing noob Well, that’s been changing rapidly; ever since I’ve forced myself into it following MozCon 2012. Before that, I was a pretty damn technically-focused SEO. I was a master of code and site speed and metadata, but I really struggled with acquiring legitimate links through force of effort, or planning and executing content that a site’s target audience would actually care about and consider sharing. Yet, seeing how that was the big missing piece in my inbound marketing skillset, I forced myself to jump into this whole content marketing business headfirst. One of my first successful attempts was with a coupon code site. We’d traditionally had trouble coming up with blog content that this site’s users would actually care about and want to read (I mean, they were there for coupon codes and not much else). We did have a not-insignificant core audience that was interested in general savings tips and thrifty culture, and they were moderately engaged on the brand’s social channels. So, I decided that I needed to figure out what kind of blog post they’d care enough about to actually read. [Read more…]