Current & Past Contributor To Links in Google+ Profiles

whereWhere Did That Come From?

Whoa! This is new. Well, it’s new to me. While adding a new SwellPath hire to my Google+ circles (yeah, we’re going to have a new team member by the end of the month), I noticed that she had a curious notation next to her one “Contributor To” link.


Current? What does that mean? It was the website of her current employer, so I thought, “Oh, that’s just cause that’s where she’s currently employed”. Then I thought, “wait a minute! This isn’t LinkedIn and those are contributor to links!”

So, I jetted over to my own profile and frantically clicked the Edit option under my own contributor to section and, lo and behold, there it was. Continue reading

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Is Author Rank Active?

Not really. No.

Guess that’s it.


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Trying to get a PDF file indexed.

Just testing some stuff.

like this
Address (click for directions): 1026 SW Stark St Portland, OR 97205
Move along.

Nothing to see here.

PDF File

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What I Learned From My First Attempt at Content Marketing

I was slightly ashamed of this for the first few years of my career in SEO, but in 2012, I finally stared coming to terms with it. I feel fine about admitting it publicly now.

I’m not great at content marketing and link building.

content marketing noob Well, that’s been changing rapidly; ever since I’ve forced myself into it following MozCon 2012. Before that, I was a pretty damn technically-focused SEO. I was a master of code and site speed and metadata, but I really struggled with acquiring legitimate links through force of effort, or planning and executing content that a site’s target audience would actually care about and consider sharing. Yet, seeing how that was the big missing piece in my inbound marketing skillset, I forced myself to jump into this whole content marketing business headfirst. One of my first successful attempts was with a coupon code site. We’d traditionally had trouble coming up with blog content that this site’s users would actually care about and want to read (I mean, they were there for coupon codes and not much else). We did have a not-insignificant core audience that was interested in general savings tips and thrifty culture, and they were moderately engaged on the brand’s social channels. So, I decided that I needed to figure out what kind of blog post they’d care enough about to actually read. Continue reading

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How Our Community Credit Union Failed SEO Today

Santa's SEO FailToday, it’s 45 days until Christmas. Today is also the day when Portland’s famous Christmas tree is delivered to Pioneer Square. It’s a huge event and people are stoked. In a pretty smart move, Unitus Community Credit Union is seizing the opportunity and giving out free peppermint hot chocolates from 12pm until 1pm. Pretty smart move if I do say so myself. Unitus hooks people up with a free hot chocolate, seasoned with the holidays, and BAM! Those people will probably remember the name of that particular credit union and associate them with awesome things like peppermint hot chocolate. Money in the goddamn bank!

Giving away a free peppermint hot chocolate is great for Unitus – they get great PR around town, build positive brand association with their customers, and get to do something nice for the community. However, what they’re doing is a major fail for SEO. Here’s why. Continue reading

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5 Takeaways From 4 Years on Twitter

How to get Twitter followers naturallyYesterday was my 4-year Twitterversay. Over four years ago, I opened Firefox, typed in “”, and clicked “signup”.

I originally joined Twitter because my boss (at the time) told me that I needed to. Twitter was the hot new marketing tool, so he wanted me to create an account and aggregate over 500 followers in the next few months. Unlike most people who signed up for Twitter Continue reading

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MozCon in Memes – Roundup

MozCon 2012 was awesome. It’s going to take me at least the next few weeks to fully process all the insane stuff I learned from the speakers, but I tried to capture some of the highlights in memes. If you missed MozCon this year, or just want to relive the glory, check out MozCon in Memes. Use the links below to skip to a specific day if you want.

Continue reading

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MozCon Day 3 in Memes

Here it is! The 3rd and final day of MozCon in memes.

Check out the full list of  MozCon presenters with links to download their presentations.

If you missed them, go back and checkout MozCon Day 1 and MozCon Day2 in Memes. Continue reading

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MozCon Day 2 in Memes

It’s Day 2 of #MozCon and it’s time for more #MozConMemes! I was quite surprised by the positive reaction yesterday, so I definitely feel the pressure to make these ones awesome. Keep checking back for more updates throughout the day! Continue reading

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MozCon Day 1 in Memes

Want to get the lowdown on #MozCon in the quickest way possible? Try #MozConMemes! Pics of the amazing speakers paired with their most memorable lines.

Check back often. I’ll be updating this constantly for the next tree days. Continue reading

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